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We develop software for Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

We gained experience creating a cryptocurrency based on X11 algorithm and in tokenization on the Ethereum network for an STO (Security Token Offering).

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We develop very low latency data transmission and video communication software modules based on the WebRTC protocol.

We have developed Video-Meeting and Video Broadcasting (Live) applications.

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We develop software modules for real time data processing on a large scale making them available on client systems (browsers and apps) in push mode. Usually we ground our applications on:

MQTT, WebSocket, SSE, Firebase, Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ.

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Streaming Video

We develop video streaming modules and web-applications that support HLS or DASH and copyright protection protocols, software for the e-learning industry or large-scale broadcasting with a large number of viewers.

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Artificial Intelligence and ML

We create Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning modules using the best industry libraries. Our AIs are suitable for the analysis of data patterns or for statistical purposes.

We also create complex applications such as: semantics of texts, artificial vision and voice recognition.

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3D Applications

We develop software modules for human-machine interaction with 3D models.

We use the best performing photorealistic rendering libraries for virtual environments. Our products can run through common browsers thanks to WebGL technology.

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Cloud Computing

We implement server-side software, backend logic, structured APIs via microservice or serverless cloud native functions, with a multi-cloud approach on the most important environments:

AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and Cloudflare.

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Bare Metal

We design and configure dedicated server systems on proprietary or rented hardware in the most important European datacenters.

We code server-side software, backend logic, API with the following technologies:

Proxmox, Centos, Red-Hat, Ubuntu, Debian.

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We design and develop traditional and no-sql database systems, choosing the optimal DB engine for the application:

MySQL, MariaDb, Oracle, Ms SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDb, Cassandra, Redis, InfluxDb, Elastic, MeiliSearch.

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Peer to Peer

We design and code complex systems in which groups of nodes or resources interface by communicating directly.

We use technologies and standards that allow you to benefit from resilient network paths and to make the availability of a resource persistent.

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