What can we do for you as a company

Feasibility Study

We carry out the feasibility study of your idea, starting from your specifications or your desired features

We create a technical and operational development file based on the result of the analysis. This kind of study allows us to size precisely the effort in terms of human and economic resources, necessary for the implementation of the project.

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Search for investors

Thanks to our network of qualified partners, we are able to support you by raising the capital necessary for the development of your digital business idea.

Our collaborators can support you drafting a complete business plan and editing the presentation assets (pitch) to attract the interest of Investors and Funders.

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Software Architecture

Software built on a solid architecture is developed in less time, keeps operating costs low and maximizes performance throughout the software lifecycle.

At your service you will have our experience and our technicians to structure a secure, flexible and efficient software architecture, which meets the scalability requirements of your application.

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Design, Interfaces and UI/UX

The success of a digital product is closely related to the simplicity and intuitiveness.
We have organized our UI/UX team according to the principles of Design Thinking to ensure modern, attractive and usable User Interfaces.

We are also specialized in the revamping of user interfaces of legacy software. We can renew existing applications UI, adapting them to industry standards.

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Agile Project Management

Experience teaches that meeting the release deadlines is essential for the success of a digital project.
Our reliability is based on the rigorous application of Agile and Scrum techniques applied to all phases of software development.

These organizational methods allow us to meet excellent performances even with remote collaborations where the effectiveness lacks compared with in-person meetings and brainstorming.

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Test Automation

The application of modern automatic testing techniques and tools allow us to produce solid codebases and reducing development times.
We adopt Test Driven Development techniques from the beginning to prepare the entire software for automatic test systems. This drastically decreases the amount of bugs due to "code regression".

Our development team is fluent in technologies such as:
Nunit, Jest, Mocka, Browserstack, Puppeteer and Cypress.js

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Quality Assurance

We apply quality control methods based on different approaches.
We structure and build end-to-end manual evaluation procedures and for the management of beta tester user groups.

Our development goes by code version control systems (Git, SVN) and includes code review sessions in order to guarantee high quality standards of the source code and the final product.

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Customer Support

The release of software involves interaction with users not specifically trained in applications and technologies.
The success of the project necessarily involves assisting these users in need.

According to your needs, we can organize Customer Support units by training your collaborators
We can provide the service in outsourcing by providing you with the operational and technical expertise of our Support Team.

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Cyber Security

Our Developers can offer a wide range of skills accrued securing and hardening Web Platforms and Software Applications.

We have developed and worked with encrypted management of sensitive data primarily in the medical industry.
In the field of cryptocurrencies and money management we offer full compliant systems meeting the KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols and regulations and the PCI DSS standard required by credit card circuits for the management of online payment data.

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We turn your idea into a
successful digital product

At your service our skills in innovative technologies: Blockchain, WebRTC, RealTime, Streaming video, AI/ML, 3D, Cloud computing, Bare metal, Database.

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