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within defined time frames.
We use the latest technologies rigorously following the best management methodologies to respect and meet the schedule times.

Web Development

We put our expertise at your service to create the multi-platform Web Application in the most suitable technology for your project.

Our team is made up of specialists in the Frontend, Backend, Design and UI/UX areas.
We can deliver Web Applications and Portals for your project using the most popular languages such as jQuery, ReactJS, Vue.JS, vanilla Javascript or Typescript.

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Mobile Developement

We develop APPs for mobile devices bringing you the technology that best suits your needs.

For reduced budget scenarios we have successfully implemented cross-platform APPs for Android and iOS, both in hybrid technology (Progressive Web Applications) and React Native technology.
Were maximum performance is needed we develop native code APPs for Android and iOS. We also take care of managing the subscription to Google App and Apple Store.

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Cloud & Server Developement

According to the project’s needs we set up the most suitable Multi-Cloud Structure.

We work daily on the most popular cloud infrastructures: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and Cloudflare.
We are able to provide you with Server-Side Applications and Microservices APIs coded upon the needs of your project. We put in place native, containerized (Docker) or serverless executable systems (lambda functions or workers).

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Desktop Development

We have more than 20 years of experience in Software developement for Desktop and Workstations.
If your application is of industrial grade or requires high performance we can deliver native software for Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Our team uses the most suitable language ranging from C #, C++, Java or NodeJS.
For simple projects or Web Apps we successfully use Hybrid Desktop Applications powered by Electron-JS technology.

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Blockchain Developement

We have been working on blockchain software since 2013.
We have created one of the most widespread cryptocurrencies among those made in Italy and we have provided technological support to one of the first European STOs (Security Token Offerings).

According to your needs we can develop software interfaced with the most common blockchains, design and create tokens, develop notarization and NFT solutions.
Our team is experienced in blockchain development in C/C++ and Solidity.

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We turn your idea into a
successful digital product

Whether your idea is still written down on paper or you already have a business to scale quickly we put our skills and technologies at your service to achieve your goals.

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