About us

Who we are and our achevements

Our values

Our credo is grounded on three core values: technology, professionalism and punctuality

Delivering results is our key goal


We work with passion, we are direct and collaborative


We accept even revolutionary challenges, if feasible


Robustness and stability come before technological trends

Our history


3Technology Srl was born

Working on data collection systems for industrial and medical sectors

Since 2005

3D Software

Developing 3D metrology systems for steel mills and medical sensors

Since 2009

ISO13485 Certification

Delivering Software and firmware for commercially successful diagnostics platforms

Since 2011

Web-based technologies

Designing Web applications for railways and commercial promotional platforms

Since 2013


Development of software connected with the blockchain (Bitcoin)

Since 2016

Technical backbone of Cam.TV

Management of economic transactions and complex IT infrastructures


Mastercard integration

Digital money management with direct credit system on Mastercard


LKSCoin cryptocurrency

Collaborate in the development of the LKSCOIN cryptocurrency


Digital Fastlane GmbH

Corporate merger with Digital Fastlane GmbH - Klagenfurt


Security Token Offering

Technological partner of one of the first STOs in Europe

Since 2021


Solutions based on distrubuted File System with cryptocurrency rewarding

Since 2022

Metaverse and AR

Creation of virtual reality and augmented reality applications

Since 2022

Mesh Delivery and P2P

High performance solutions for synchronization of complex metaverse scenes

We turn your idea into a
successful digital product

At your service our skills in innovative technologies: Blockchain, WebRTC, RealTime, Streaming video, AI/ML, 3D, Cloud computing, Bare metal, Database.

Tell us about your project

What can we do for you as a company

Our team can bring life to your digital project by implementing:
Web application

We design multi-platform Web Applications in the most suitable technology for the project you want to create

Mobile APPs

We develop APPs in the most suitable technology for your project: hybrid, React Native or native code

Cloud and Server software

We develop server-side applications and APIs according to your needs. The software may be containerized or serverless worker

Desktop Software

We design native software for Windows, MacOS or Linux, using the most suitable frameworks and languages for the project

Blockchain Software

We build and connect our software with the most common blockchains, we design Tokens, Notarization functions and NFTs

System Integrations

We develop integrations between systems and technologies, automating data transfer and operational flows

Tell us about your project

Our contact details

If you have any questions or queries feel free to contact us: we are always happy to help